Dr Cyril Onwubiko

Dr Cyril Onwubiko

Dr Cyril Onwubiko is Director, Enterprise Security Architecture at Pearson; and Distinguished Speaker (DVP) of the IEEE Computer Society.  Prior to Pearson, he was Director, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cyber Security at Research Series Limited, where he was responsible for directing AI, Blockchain and cyber security strategies and governance. He had worked in the Financial, Telecommunication, Government & Public Services Sectors. He is a leading scholar in Cyber Situational Awareness (Cyber SA), Cyber Security, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM),

Data Fusion, Intrusion Detection Systems and Computer Network Security. He is knowledgeable in Information Assurance, HMG Security Policy Framework (SPF) and Risk Assessment & Management. His current interests include Machine Learning, Machine Learning for Cyber Security, application of Blockchain to Cyber Security and Quantum Computing.

Cyril holds a PhD in Computer Network Security from Kingston University, London, UK; MSc in Internet Engineering, from University of East London, London, UK, and BSc, first class honours, in Computer Science & Mathematics.


He has authored several books including “Security Framework for Attack Detection in Computer Networks” and “Concepts in Numerical Methods.” He co-edited the book on “Situational Awareness in Computer Network Defense: Principles, Methods & Applications” published by IGI Global, USA; and the editor of the Cyber Science 2016 and  Cyber Science 2015 proceedings of the joint and co-located conferences comprising CyberSASocial MediaCyber Security & Cyber Incident. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal on Cyber Situational Awareness (IJCSA), ISSN (Online) 2057-2182.  Cyril has authored several book chapters, including Security Issues to Cloud Computing, in the book on Cloud Computing: Principles, Systems and Applications by Springer, “Challenges to Managing Privacy Impact Assessment of Personal Identifiable Data“, in the book on Information Assurance and Security Technologies for Risk Assessment and Threat Management: Advances and Designing Information Systems and Network Components for Situational Awareness, in the book on Situational Awareness in Computer Network Defense: Principles, Methods and Applications. He has published over 30 articles in leading and most prestigious academic journals and conferences.


He is a passionate volunteer; hence he is a reviewer, keynote speakers, presenter, programme & steering committee member to over 30 academic conferences and journals. He is an invited guest lecturer to a number of universities in the UK, a PhD assessor and examiner to a number of universities, including Aalborg University, Denmark, and University of Derby, in the UK. He is also a Trustee of the Citizens Advice Bureau, Redbridge, Essex, UK.

His research interests are in the areas of Cyber Security, Computer Network Security, Cyber-Threat Analysis, Graph Theory, Intelligence & Security Informatics, Intrusion Detection Systems, Risk Management, Data Fusion, Security Operations Centre and CERT management. Also, he is interested in the mathematical analysis of security and the application of mathematics in solving real-life problems.

In the summer of 2014, Cyril founded the Centre for Multidisciplinary Research, Innovation and Collaboration (C-MRiC), a not for profit and nongovernmental organisation dedicated to the advancement of outstanding research and innovation through collaboration, and dissemination of scientific and industrial contributions through seminars and publications. Its products cover conferences on advanced and emerging aspects of societal issues, ranging from Cyber security to environmental pollution, and from Health IT to Wearable, with the best of breeds of such contributions featuring in notable journal publications. The centre participates, encourages and promotes collaborative scientific, industrial and academic inter-workings among individual researchers, scholars, practitioners, members of existing associations, academia, standardisation bodies, and including government departments and agencies (www.c-mric.org).

Cyril has served in various roles at the IEEE, e.g

  • 2016 – March 2020: Secretary – IEEE United Kingdom & Ireland
  • 2018 – March 2020: Chair, IEEE UK & Ireland Blockchain Group

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