Cyber Science: Cyber Situational Awareness for Predictive Insight and Deep Learning Book




The Cyber Science series is a multidisciplinary study devoted to the advancement of Cyber Situational Awareness, Social Media, Cyber Security and Cyber Incident Response. Its aim is to discuss and disseminate topical, timely and emerging original innovations and research results in cyber situational awareness, security analytics, cyber physical systems, social media and wearables, protection of online digital service, cyber incident response, containment, control and countermeasures (CIRC3).

Cyber Science is the fusion of four distinct and interrelated disciplines, namely:

CyberSA is dedicated to the advancement of the principles, methods and applications of situational awareness in Cyber Systems, Business Information Systems (BIS), Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), Computer Network Defence (CND), Energy and Utilities, Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoTs). Cyber Insurance and Risk Controls (CIRC 2018) Workshop was organised and hosted as part of Cyber SA. The focus for CIRC is on the latest advances in cyber insurance, as well as case studies that examine the effectiveness of current security controls for the Insurance companies who are facing new challenges with the increasing demand for policies to cover cyber incidents such as data breaches and business interruption. This include Cyber Value-at-Risk (CVaR) models, Cyber Risk Assessment, Cyber Risk Propagation, Security Controls and Standards, Cybersecurity Metrics and their Measurements, Maturity Models and Frameworks, Cyber Economics, Economics Approaches for Cybersecurity and Cyber Harm.

Social Media is dedicated to the advancement of Social Media, Security of Social Media due to consequential impacts and risks arising from compromise or security breaches. It covers economic importance of Social Media, the emergence of Wearables, Wearables for Fitness, e-Health and life style improvements, and the use of Web Analytics for social media enhancements, Business Intelligence and Business Empowerment.

Cyber Security is dedicated to the advancement of Cyber Security, Information Security, Network Security, Application Security and Business Transformation of Digital Services, and the Protection of Public Digital Services, especially high value bearing online services.

Cyber Incident Response is dedicated to the advancement of Cyber Incident Response, Coordination, Containment and Control, Digital Forensics, Cyber Incident Response and Forensic Readiness, Legal Readiness, Security Incident Response Plan and Preparedness.

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